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Aldersgate December 2017 Images

We celebrated with Donald Foery!
Praying over Wendell, the Legislative Friend at the Capitol in Salem.
Praying over Mark Dole from Father Bernard’s Youth Center, Mt. Angel, OR
Reed, Kathy and Jim from Central Oregon Prayer Team, teaching us to make our unique sounds.
Sounds of prayer.
Pamela clapping and declaring God’s goodness!
Making a wish, and so thankful to God for his family of God.


Charlotte sounding the shofar.
Reed, Kirk and Jim from Central Oregon Prayer Team teaching the Sound Workshop.
Grace & Miriam – making sounds of prayer.

Connector’s Connection!

A team gathered at the Connector’s Meeting on December 1st & 2nd and experienced a wonderful time of sound workshop training, receiving direction and casting vision.  We captured some pictures of this exciting meeting, and were extra blessed to share in the celebration of Donald Foery’s 80th birthday!  This gathering ignited sound in worship, and passion for the Pray Oregon vision in 2018.  Our own Kathy White, part of the Central Oregon Prayer Team & Region 6 Prayer Connector, penned the word given to her by the Lord after the meeting.  We know you will be as blessed as we are!  Here is a link to see more images: SEE MORE PICS

Dear Ekklesia,
Last night I woke up at 2 with the heaviest grief of the sense of darkness, because of the encroachment of the enemy, through the media and entertainment and education industries, that have stolen the hearts, minds and eyes of the people.  I see it first hand in the lives of my own sons and daughters and family members. I see it in the church. I see it in my own home and life.
I began to repent, and crying out for deliverance. For Christ. For revelation.  As all of you have. We have all had this same knowledge of darkness and grief and labor of intercession. Travail.  That is what happened Sunday at the Central Oregon Prayer Team meeting, when Jim Donahue began to share the scriptures of Christ’s burden to intercede. Ezekiel 9:4-11, Jeremiah 9:1, Jeremiah 13, and 14:17, Psalm 118:36, Revelations7:2&3.  As he began to share them he came under attack from the enemy in his chest, and his face turned a grey ashen color. We had to stop intercession and pray over him until he was free. Then deep weeping and travail began.  I believe it was a sign of the beginning of birth pains for this season. And intercession of Christs’ heart for now. For the people sitting in deep darkness.
I went back to sleep around 4. I woke again at 6. The first thing God spoke to me is what I know will confirm what The Holy Spirit has been speaking to you.
He said December 21 is the shortest Day of The Year. The darkest day. It represents the deep darkness over people in the Spirit.  Then He said to me the most beautiful thing. I could feel so much hope and peace and love and His heart as He spoke. “Today is the acceptable time. Today, while it is still today, pray. I will hear from heaven. I have heard your weeping, your fasting, your prayers. Your steadfastness.”  Even as in the natural realm as it is the shortest, darkest day of the year, Dec. 21, as light in the natural begins to break in adding more light a little longer to each day, I am breaking in, in The Spirit into all you have prayed and are praying each day revealing more of Myself each day until the longest brightest day of the year.”
“Be encouraged to pray into The Light. The breaking in of My Spirit more and more each day. Don’t relent, believe. With groaning, sounds, tambourines, dancing, worship, praise, fasting.”
He is Elohim, yoked together with His people. We are His exalted ones, His perfect partners. Song of Solomon 4 (Passion version ph. 32,34 endnotes), Psalm 102 “As God reveals Himself to Zion to restore and give her children, He responds to the prayers of the poor and broken…His re-created people.”  Through this we give Him Glory! 2 Cor. 6 and Luke 2:37.  I’ve added a web sight on travail you might like,
I’m so blessed to be in this Ekklesia with you which, Yahweh Himself has raised up; together with Christ for such a time as this. Amen
Sincerely with love to all my brethren,
Kathy White
P.S. I can’t help but think how much more He must be showing all of you, who know much more in The Spirit than I do; being just a retired schoolteacher, who has not spent enough time yet in His Presence. So I’m hoping this opens a dialogue between all of us about His light breaking in more each day.
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Ekklesia – Why Did Jesus Choose It?

Editor’s note: After the first time I heard Greg Simas speak on the Ekklesia, I walked out the room stunned, and my husband turned to me and exclaimed, “man, he sure baked my noodle!” What followed in our hearts was a whirlwind of renewed hope, joy, and inspiration of what we’ve come to believe “can be” instead of bewilderment of what “has been” in the Ekklesia. Greg Simas is the Founder and Senior Leader of Convergence House of Prayer in Fremont, California, and he came to share with us his discoveries on the Ekklesia at the recent Connector’s Meeting in Turner, Oregon. Below is an article worthy of attention.  Warning, it is weighty, so don’t rush through it. Let it sink in, and I’m sure you’ll find hope and relief as well.

Nov 6, 2017 By Greg Simas

Why Did Jesus Choose the Ekklesia?

At the birth of Jesus, there were three major institutions: the Temple, the Synagogue, and the Ekklesia. We are familiar with the Temple and aware of the Synagogue, but we know virtually nothing about the Ekklesia, and yet the Ekklesia is the redemptive agency Jesus assigns to us to carry on His mission to disciple nations.

The Temple and the Synagogue

The Temple goes as far back as Solomon and is traced through the Old Testament as the place where God’s presence dwelt and sacrifices were offered.

The origins of the Synagogue are obscure, but most would agree that they started springing up around 300 BC as places within cities to maintain Jewish community, teachings, and traditions. The Law was read, prayer and worship were offered, and Jewish people connected relationally in synagogues.

While there was one temple, centered in Jerusalem, there were hundreds of synagogues scattered throughout the Roman Empire. We read that Jesus and the Apostle Paul ministered in both the temple area and these synagogues.

So why didn’t Jesus choose either of these to build His “church”? Why would he choose the Ekklesia over the holy, presence-centered Temple and/or the synagogues which were well-established in practice and present throughout the Roman world?

The Ekklesia

The third major institution was the Ekklesia. The Ekklesia dates back to about 400 BC when the empire was ruled by the Greeks. The Greek Ekklesia was established in every city as an assembly that governed and legislated. Ekklesiaes were made up of people who were duly convened to create and expand the Greek culture within the empire.

When Rome conquered the Greek Empire, they adopted the Ekklesia and expanded its power and influence. These Ekklesiae also became vehicles for cultural colonization of newly acquired territories.

Roman Ekklesiae were deputized by the Roman Emperor for his will to be done where the Ekklesiae were to be sent.

“The Ekklesia was understood to mean both the institution and the system by which territories were governed by selected local leaders who had been infused with the culture and customs of Rome to rule on its behalf” — Ed Silvoso.
Why then did Jesus choose the Ekklesia?

Jesus could have established the temple as the place where His glory would be released and/or could have stated that He would build a worldwide network of synagogues for every tribe and tongue, but He didn’t.

The temple/synagogue functioned in buildings that members had to go to on specialized occasions, whereas the Ekklesia was mobile, operating 24/7 in the seven mountains (spheres of culture) of a city for the purpose of busting down the Gates of Hades and destroying the works of the devil, transforming people, cities, and nations.

Moreover, Jesus viewed the Ekklesia as an assembly of his people who had become members through conversion. He established that if even only two or three gathered in his name, the government of God was present!

By selecting the Ekklesia instead of the temple/synagogue, Jesus chose a structure better suited to succeed not just in religious Israel, but also in pagan societies. His ultimate goal was not to expand religious institutions, but to penetrate the Gates of Hades by inserting the leaven of His Kingdom into their culture through His Ekklesia.

It’s important to note that within Christ’s Ekklesia he keeps key elements of both the Temple and the Synagogue. Jesus carries over the indwelling presence, prayer and the worship of God from the Temple and the scriptures and fellowship from the Synagogue.

Also, it’s worth noting that in the Gospels, Jesus did not speak much about how to build a church, or plant churches, because he had the Ekklesia in mind from the foundations of the world.

Jesus as the Ekklesia!

Just reread the gospels through an Ekklesia paradigm, and you will see that Jesus lived an Ekklesia lifestyle. His ministry flowed out from is identity as the Ekklesia.

He left the Kingdom of Heaven to bring His Kingdom to Earth.
He destroyed the works of the devil, making wrong things right from Heaven’s perspective.
He legislated, administrated, and demonstrated the Kingdom of God through prayer, signs, wonders, deliverance, and miracle-working power.
He did not confine himself to certain structures. He was in homes, businesses, synagogues, the temple, and on the streets.
He talked to Jews, Romans, Pharisees, tax collectors, prostitutes, the forgotten, the broken, the rich, and the poor.
His influence far exceeded the religious culture in touching every realm of society.
He served and loved others while being fully anointed by the Holy Spirit.
He wasn’t institutionalized but revolutionized everyplace he went. He was salt. He was light. He was yeast. He was a reformer. The Son of God. The Christ.
Jesus was unstoppable!

Jesus is the eternal Son of God who lived as the Ekklesia, as His redemptive agency, legislating heaven to earth, and He is calling us to do the same. Jesus does not want us to “settle” for just “doing church” but to be His Ekklesia, His called-out ones, who legislate heaven to earth, bringing His Kingdom everywhere.

Why the Ekklesia?

It’s Mobile – Where two or three are gathered, anywhere!
It’s Cultural – It impacts every part of society.
It’s Normal – It functioned as a lifestyle not an event. A normal part of life.
It’s Influential – As yeast influences the dough, so the Ekklesia influences culture.
It’s Relational – People-centered, not building-centered.
It’s Responsible – Everyone has an assignment. No consumers.
It’s Reproducible – Paul can be in Philippi one week and leave an Ekklesia there. Ekklesias reproduce quickly.
It’s Reformational – Changed lives, changed families, changed cities.
It’s Moral – Kingdom moral-code was the glue that held it all together.
It’s Governmental – Legislating and administrating through prayer, power, service, and love.
It’s Powerful – Signs/Wonders/Miracles/Healing/Deliverance.
It’s Unstoppable – Turning whole cities upside down for God’s glory.

We are left with a choice, do we continue to “do church” as usual or do step into the fullness of becoming the Ekklesia? It’s our choice.

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Sound As Worship – Let The Heavens Declare On Earth!

Mark Zimel – Ontario Prayer Connector, Meridian, ID    Recently, while driving home, I came upon a license plate on a truck ahead of me which read….”What If”…This reignited my thoughts taken from the recent Pray Oregon Retreat I attended with a couple dozen people at Aldersgate Retreat Center in Salem December 1 – 2, 2017.

After 61 years of life, coming to Christ when I was 25, getting involved as Coordinator of Men’s Ministries at First Baptist Church in Portland when I was 42, and experiencing a divorce after 28 years of marriage at 50, “What if” has always lead to some new adventures. Some more delightful than others, some met more fearfully than others but adventures nonetheless. All of these adventures had one thing in common. I walked through them knowing God was by my side. Just for the record, I wasn’t always seeking His Word as usual, as some of the times I was “tipped over”, no, “stunned” that things turned out like they had. So this license plate’s “What if” harkened my spirit of the days I felt more in tune with my walk with my Lord.

The “What if” that touched my spirit at the conference had me asking What if…. I have experienced a Christianity that is not the current or full expression of Christianity my Lord has planned for me…I sense I may have fallen into patterns that have dulled my spirit and the direction my Lord has selected for me. Am I hearing Him? Am I seeking God’s purposes and teachings He Has set out for me? “What if”… after 35 some years of seeking Him and Him seeking me, He has thrown me, no, all of us into a new season of worship and ways to both “Follow” and “War” for Him?

That and nothing less consumed me while at the conference for Pray Oregon. The first “What if” came as we were introduced to Jim, Kurt, Reid, Kathy, & Miriam from the Central Oregon Prayer Team in Redmond, Oregon. “What if” our usual form of worship…, praying…, the singing of hymns, singing of prayers from the scriptures, and a myriad of other songs to prepare our hearts for worship have missed a scriptural element of “His worship and His warship”? They added to their intercessory prayer sessions the use of musical instruments, rhythm, and the vibrations they created to send out into the atmosphere their praise and prayers to God as a way of breaking the darkness in our lands.

They introduced that the Native American Indian used drums, as well as flutes, and string instruments (which were all once generally considered evil because the Indians were using them) to talk with God “the Creator” (They knew God, just not His Son)!   They opened with the scriptural background of Joshua 6 where God directed Joshua and his army to be faithfully obedient to His directions to walk around the city of Jericho for 7 days and thereafter using many trumpets (shofar) and their shouting voices, to receive a promise from God and bring Jericho down.

The Song of Solomon says…break forth with your sounds so others may feast on His bride. In Psalms it says to make joyful noises/praises to our King with rhythm from our drums. They recalled that David used a harp to remove Saul’s’ evil spirits also that David would play instruments to search his heart. How do you keep the devil away?By combining intercession and worship to destroy the darkness.

What an eye/spirit opening reminder of things mentioned in scriptures that we may have gone past while formatting our contemporary services…assemblies…church!

In another session, Pastor Greg Simas from the Convergence House of Prayer in Fremont, CA , introduced that we have raised up churches that are pastoral where one speaks & teaches from the word of God to many who listen. These pastoral churches measure their success through attendance and the number of attendees. He goes on to say that when one looks at Jesus and His Apostles, one sees an Apostolic Model, where one will measure their success through “influence”. He introduced the idea that our churches are creating “consumers instead of conquerors”.

Pastor Greg reminded us that Jesus took the disciples to the gates of Hades to bring a new kingdom to populate heaven. Jesus says He will build His “Ekklesia”, His legislative Assembly. Greg went on to say that Jesus’ perfect example of “Ekklesia” on Earth (mentioned in Isaiah 9:6) was to bring a government wherever you go…”Jesus carried a government on His shoulders”. One that was loyal to God through His Son.

Prayer and Worship and Apostolic becomes the new breath or spirit. These are some observations to consider as we all move toward influencing others for Christ and His government!

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Unto Us a Child is Born

 “For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; and the
government will be upon His shoulder.” (Isaiah 9:6a)
God is the great giver a gifts. During this season we give gifts to one another as an expression of our love. Love gives. We are told that God so loved the world that He gave. It is a God-like characteristic to give. I’m a father of four children, and 11 grandchildren. I have had many opportunities to observe this reality of love in action. Children are absolutely internally wired to give out of a pure expression of love. And it doesn’t matter what they give to you. A color crayon picture. A bright yellow flower picked from the front yard, that only you know is a dandelion. Or if there’s nothing material to hand you, they will simply throw their tiny arms around your neck and squeeze saying those three words that we all along to hear “I love you.”
We are told in Isaiah 9:6 that the great gift God has given to us is a child. And then more descriptively—a Son. And not just any child, but His very own son. The next thing that we are told is that this Child leads to a government. We don’t typically associate a child with government. But that’s the kind of gift God has given us. Jesus said if anyone comes into the kingdom you must become a child.
“But when Jesus saw it, He was greatly displeased and said to them, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” (Mark 10:14-15)
There is something about the simplicity of love, and allowing it to govern our hearts, thoughts, words, and actions that is at very epicenter of what the government of God is all about.
This year let us ponder the greatest gift of all God has given to us, and seek to express the greatness of that gift to others. Let us remember that it is not how grandiose the gift is that really matters, but that we simply give the pure childlike gift of our love to one another. The giving of your time. A kind word spoken, a simple acknowledgement of the value of that person to you. A note telling them how much you really do love them. Or maybe even a just color crayon drawing.
Let us take the time to go beyond the external things that we might exchange, and give something that comes from the heart. For that is the thing that will be remembered and valued the most. And that is the thing that truly matter to them in the end.
Merry Christmas!
Jim Moore
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Intercessors Moving Into 2018 with a Bold & Steadfast Belief in God’s Court

What an eventful and watchful year 2017 has been. It began with the swearing in of our 45th president, and a regime change which has caused a shift of unprecedented proportions.  We’ve witnessed an ongoing worldwide refugee crisis, the total solar eclipse, devastating wildfires, earthquakes, volcano’s, floods, hurricanes, snipers, crowd massacre’s, attacks, wars and rumors of wars, and the list goes on.  I don’t know about you, but this brings great anticipation of what the next several months will reveal to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. We are truly living in apocalyptic times. It seems that the book of Revelation is unfolding before our very eyes! Yet at the same time, we also see that His great hope is on the rise. God’s Ekklesia – His people – are rising up with passionate worship, prayer and unity in in His Spirit.



In 2017 we’ve tasted and seen that the LORD is good and that He is reigning supreme. If this doesn’t spark hope in you, maybe a “hope” reset is in order.

Lets review.  Have these types of events happened in history before?

Rabbi and historian Ken Spiro explain, “Why yes, there are many similar recorded events, including key times in history. In the OT, the Bible records that one of the 10 plagues over Egypt before the exodus of the Israelite’s was three days of darkness (Exodus 10:21-29). The Jewish sources describe it not just as darkness, but a darkness that was so thick it’s like, people couldn’t move in it or the Egyptians couldn’t move in it. So that’s an example of God suspending the laws of nature.”

“The Bible also tells us three hours of darkness fell at Jesus’ crucifixion (Matthew 27:45)”, Spiro continues, “Whatever the darkness was it wasn’t an eclipse and we have no explanation of what it was or even what it meant, but it certainly would have invoked in the people who were there a profound sense of something monumental happening, which indeed it was.”

God definitely made points with signs in the sky throughout the Bible. But the number of events that have been singularly spread over centuries, are coming at breakneck speed, often times weekly we are hearing of a devastating event in the world.  Both Michael Mott, who serves as assistant pastor with Jerusalem’s King of Kings congregation in Israel, and Rabbi Spiro say that “yes” these events are increasing and God is using them!

“He uses nature all the time in different ways to communicate with us.” says, Mott. “In Romans chapter one, we are shown that God has ordered the world in such a way that the hearts of man can know that God exists just by the way nature works all the time. So does He use nature to talk to His people? He does.”

Spiro said, “It’s a fundamental belief in Judaism that everything that happens in the world is for a meaning and there’s a message hidden in there somewhere, even in astronomical phenomenon. So interpreting the message is, of course, a little more problematic.”

Spiro believes God already gave mankind His greatest sign.

“I think that some of that depends on our own personality – and I’m not downplaying that – but the biggest way God speaks is through His Son. So the writer to the Hebrews draws that out: ‘In former times God spoke in many and various ways through the prophets, but in the last days he’s spoken through His Son.’ And so for us that Jesus is the revelation, Jesus is the Word made flesh; Jesus is the ultimate sign and His death and resurrection, the ultimate sign of that. So we should be looking to Him.”

Spiro says Judaism is looking at actual events today as signs of the End of Days – not so much signs in the sky. He continues, “The rabbis always talk about the coming of the Messiah as a woman giving birth – birth pangs – the basic idea is just as a woman giving birth goes into contractions and as they get closer and closer together, they get more and more intense as you approach the birth.” He continues, “So too, events on the planet earth will get more and more intense and happen much more rapidly, as the end draws near. Certainly I would say we see that things are speeding up very dramatically in the world, the changes that are taking place, the political upheaval, the technological advances, etc. As to whether that is linked to astronomical events which may be coming, we’ll only know when and if that time comes.”  The Book of Joel includes an often-quoted end-time prophecy about the sky.

“The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and awesome day of the Lord.” (Joel 2:31)

The Moon glows orange as it is seen above the Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City (AP Photo/Kevin Frayer)

“We get this picture from God’s Word that He will use those kinds of signs in the skies and natural events [not to mention the numerous man-made catastrophic events on the earth] to speak to His people, to speak to the earth,” Rabbi Spiro said. “And how do we know which event is which, because sometimes we want to attach God to every single natural event that takes place, butI think that most of the time God just wants to show that He is moving in nature – not that He’s communicating something specific, to ‘watch out something is getting ready to happen.’”

“Now, that could be interpreted as eclipses by the way,” he added. “You know, the moon turning to blood is called the blood moon actually, which is what happens in a lunar eclipse and, when you have a solar eclipse, the sun disappears and turns to blackness. So there in the prophets it’s talking about signs we see at the end of days. Whether that is what it’s meant to be interpreted as remains a big question. We just don’t know for sure, but there are points that make a strong case.”

“According to Jewish teaching, the Messiah will come before the year 6,000 on the Hebrew calendar. We’re currently at 5778. If each day is like a thousand years”, Spiro says “we’re about at late Friday afternoon, meaning we’re getting very close.”

“We could be hitting that end of days’ scenario,” he said. “Certainly time is definitely running out, and as we see by looking at what’s going on in the world, in a positive and a negative way – I mean the rebirth of the State of Israel, the reunification of Jerusalem. We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of that. I mean that’s unbelievable, that’s prophecy coming true before our eyes: the nations of the world lining up against Israel, largely what you see going on in UNESCO, the United Nations, is clearly a sign.”

As you likely have already heard, President Trump is announcing USA recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel this week.  By the time you read this, he may have already done so.   The move is, at the very least, highly strategic if not techtonic in its impact, and prophetically important.  So, other than looking through protective glasses, how do these leaders recommend we view the eclipse?

“We’re only a few headlines away from direct convergence of that biblical end of days scenario with the headlines in the news today and that to me – and I think to most Jews – is far more impactful and serious in terms of waking people up in their expectations of like the redemption than celestial signs happening up above in the heavens,” the rabbi said.

“We need to prepare our hearts and continue to ask God to show us, is this You?” Mott challenges us to ask God, “Is this You who is speaking to Your people? Are you speaking to the earth? And I believe that He’ll tell more than just one person that, “Yes, it is I. I AM speaking to the whole earth.”

This year Yom Kippur fell on Friday, September 29, and to elaborate on the significance of Trump being in office at this unique time in history, it is also interesting to note some dates and numbers on the calendar.”

  • Israel was 77 days old exactly 777 days after Trump was born
  • Israel’s 70th birthday will come exactly 700 days after Trump’s 70th birthday
  • Trump won the election on Netanyahu’s 7th year, 7th month and 7th day in office
  • Donald Trump was born exactly 700 days before Israel became a nation (Israels birthday; May 14, 1948 and Donald Trumps birthday; June 14, 1946)
  • Donald Trump took the oath of office on the day he is 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old
  • This happened in the Hebrew Calendar Year 5777
  • This happened after the 70th Jubilee Year finished

Speaking of signs, even stranger, over the past decade there have been cows born with the number 7 on their foreheads and Red Heifers have been found without blemish. They are being discovered worldwide!

We just need to be cautious, circumspect and fix our eyes on Jesus, hold firmly to scripture and keep proclaiming the mystery and the profound victory of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah. Jesus is The Transformer of the human heart and any life that has been touched by Him!

You can read a story on the Red Heifer:

You can watch video of Jonathan Cahn’s thoughts on the #7 cows here:

While His plan is in full swing we can know with certainty that His timing is absolutely perfect.  He is stirring in the hearts of His intercessors and His Holy Spirit is being poured out across our world. His true spiritual authority in us will be strengthened to the degree that we choose to believe Him, step out in faith and strengthen ourselves in the Lord.

Looking forward – with great faith – to His Word revealed to us in an even greater degree.  What He has begun, He will finish with perfection!  Look! There is a new day dawning.

Have a prayerful and blessed season of joy and confidence as you celebrate Jesus,


Editor, Pray Oregon
[email protected]

[my comments within a quote are in italics]

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Pray Oregon Staking the Land!

This year we embarked on a journey to plant Scripture stakes in each of the 36 counties, in the 9 federally recognized Native American tribal lands, and other significant places throughout our state. The purpose for this is to see an increase in the number of people following Christ, to see greater healing for the land, and to foster greater unity and prayer in Oregon.

The Scripture stakes are made of old growth cedar and have 63 passages with over 160 veres reduced to tiny font printed on one page rolled up inside the 4×4 stakes. As we plant God’s word in our soil, we pray it will also be planted in our hearts and activate us to be about the Lord’s work.

The first stake we planted in August was actually in Herrnhut, Germany on the land of the Moravians to partner with their incredible fruitfulness in spreading the Kingdom of God to the nations fueled by a continuous night and day prayer meeting lasting over 100 years. The second stake was planted in October at our nation’s Capitol in Washington, D.C during Awaken the Dawn. The first stake we planted in Oregon was with the Klamath, Modoc, Yahooskin Confederated Tribes.

First Nations family (great grandparents Don and Mary, grandfather, Aaron, and granddaughter) help plant the first Scripture stake in Oregon.


During our Fall Tour in October we planted stakes in Klamath and Jefferson Counties, as well as delivering stakes to multiple other County Connectors and the Siletz Tribe near Newport.

The main text for this is Isaiah 54:2-3:

“Enlarge the place of your tent,
and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out;
do not hold back; lengthen your cords
and strengthen your stakes.
For you will spread abroad to the right and to the left,
and your offspring will possess the nations
and will people the desolate cities.” (ESV)

Our communities are desolate without Jesus Christ being at the center. We need to see the children of God multiply and the Kingdom of God come more in our state, just as so many of us often pray in the Lord’s Prayer.

Left: The Pray Oregon team went to the geographic center of Oregon at Post to plant one of the Scripture stakes.
Right: Just as we were getting ready to plant our stake at Post, a large utility truck for digging power pole holes pulled in. We believe that the Lord is going to do a powerful work in our state!

Ralph (kneeling) and Pam (standing beyond his head) came from Beaverton to be part of the team planting the Scripture stake in Madras for Jefferson County.

Since the Fall Tour completed, Jackson and Benton Counties have each planted their Scripture stake. Betty Denny led the team for Jackson County planting their stake at Table Rock Mountain. Below: 24 people from 4 churches representing 4 generations planted the Benton County stake on top of Mary’s Peak, the highest point in the Oregon Coast range.

As of November 11th we have planted 7 stakes in Oregon at various strategic locations. We have also had requests to share stakes with two more countries and three other states. More staking to come!

Near the end of the Pray Oregon Fall Tour a group of 11 people, including locals from Deschutes and Jefferson Counties, caravanned to the Young Life Washington Family Ranch, WFR, camp where thousands of Jr. High and High School youth attend week-long summer camps each year. A new partnership of Pray Oregon coming alongside these dedicated Young Life staff emerged. We encourage intercessors to find your local YL club, get to know the staff and pray for them. Each of our stakes is numbered 1 – 100, and we left a stake #41 with them as partners in sharing the Gospel in our state. Afterwards, Andrew told us that Young Life was established in 1941!


Left: Donald at the WFR with mining camp theme at the sluice box full of thousands of tiles that Jr. High campers dated with their commitment to follow the Lord.

Over at the High School camp there is a pile of thousands of rocks with names and dates for HS campers who have made similar commitments.


There is one church in Medford that regularly goes out in not only in their community, but visiting other cities near I-5 to share the Good News. They have tracked over 1,000 commitments to the Lord this year! We pray that this kind of focus and fruitfulness will abound throughout the Church in Oregon.

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Mid-Valley Women of Christ, Ladies Gather in Albany

It was a delightful time to join over 500 women for an evening of worship, encouragement and prayer at the Praise & Worship Night on Thursday, November 9th at Hope Church in Albany.  It was a powerful event with keynote speaker, Jessie Seneca, who told her story of healing, restoration and freedom through the Great I Am. Jessie is a national speaker, author, leadership trainer, the founder of More of Him Ministries and works with LifeWay. The evening began with dynamic worship and concluded with an altar call, and with prayer for healing and freedom over many ladies.

Linda David, Event Coordinator and Director for MVWOC, highlighted the exciting results they are witnessing with the Bible Studies in Oregon.  Linda organized some encouraging statistics to help us see the scope of answered prayer & transformation in Oregon. Readers, prayer IS changing things – in the lives of women and families across the Mid Valley.

Statistics for 2017 Fall Community-Wide Bible Study Classes:

A total of 55 Classes – 42 Host Churches – 21 Cities and across 6 Counties:  Benton, Linn, Polk, Yamhill, Marion and Lane – all gathering to teach the “I Am” study to women who are hungry for God.  This teaching and encouragement spread out to over 1,600 women, deepening and strengthening their relationships with the Great I Am.

Linda offers encouragement for ladies to please subscribe to our website, and says “we covet your prayers.  Also, if you live in the Mid-Valley, you are welcome to join a Bible Study and attend the next event.  You can track with us at and be sure to “Like” our Facebook Ministry Page.”

MVWC Director Linda David

Laurie Smucker, MVWC Prayer Director
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County Reports

Article reprinted from the I-5 Diamond Prayer Network newsletter: Praying for Reformation & Harvest for Southern OR & Northern CA – November 2017.


1.  Please pray clarity for the body of Christ to hear the Lord clearly and grace to respond quickly as we enter deeper into the reformation of the Church.
2.  Please pray for fear to be broken off our county and for hope to be released.
3.  Please continue praying for the unity of the body in the bond of peace.
4.  Please pray for economic recovery, and entrepreneurial  spirit and provision for new businesses both with ideas and money.
Renee Felsheim
Coos County Representative


A shift from reporting the good economic conditions in Jackson County to looking at a church.  Living Waters is a Foursquare Church in Medford that recently moved to a more downtown location.  Their goal is to be more connected to the city.  Their motto  is, Making Jesus Famous”  It seems a bit outlandish, yet it is based on the Proverbs 31 woman.  Rather than viewing the proverb as a punch list for women, it is instead taken from the view she represents the Bride of Christ.  Therefore, men are also included in this passage.  Verse 23.  Her husband is well known, for he sits in the council chamber  with the other civic leaders.  Her husband is Jesus exalted in their cities because of the good deeds they do within their communities.

Joe Bruesch
Jackson County Representative


Our House of Prayer is entering 2 semi-Sabbatical months before the end of the calendar year.  During this time there are 3 things on my heart:

1.  Following the Founders Gate staking event, the Lord is impressing upon me the need to pray over more gates in order to prepare the way for Him.  I am asking my team to be waiting on the Lord to identify the next physical/spiritual gates to pray over and through.  This includes prayer for the new structures to be set in place as old structures are removed.
2.  Prayer for the completion of the 50 Days of Prayer book for Klamath County.
3.  Prayer for Chiloquin.  There have been a series of murders and shootings  over the last 6 months that are very disturbing.  We absolutely need the Lord to break through at this time to bring salvation, peace and unity to this hurting community in the north of Klamath County where many Klamath Tribal members reside.

On the southern side of the County however, we see revival, salvation and unity occurring in the outlying community of Malin.  One northern California Baptist church has now combined with Malin Assembly of God and there may be another small church that is soon to join forces.  Praise the Lord!

So we have trouble and triumph at the same time!  I don’t know if you really understand how much your prayers mean to me and Klamath County.  We are truly grateful and appreciate all of your prayers for us!

Sunny Lemming
Klamath County Representative


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Becoming A Stake In The Land

Pastor Jim Moore, Salem, OR    “You shall also be a crown of glory in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God. You shall no longer be termed Forsaken, nor shall your land any more be termed Desolate; But you shall be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah; for the LORD delights in you, and your land shall be married. For as a young man marries a virgin, so shall your sons marry you; and as the Bridegroom rejoices over the Bride, so shall your God rejoice over you.” (Isaiah 62:3-5)

There is a movement in the land called “Staking.” It revolves around the idea of driving a literal wooden (or metal) stake in the ground for the purpose of claiming the land for the Lord, which is a very good idea. The land does belong to the Lord as He created it, as He did all things, for His glory:

“For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.” (Colossians 1:16)

However, there is another component of staking the land that should have our attention. The idea of the stake becoming a symbol of our own commitment and connection to the land. The same way the stake is placed as a permanent marker and in a sense becomes “one with the land” so we are promised by the Lord in this famous passage concerning intercession, that He will send people to “marry” or become one with the land. Normally, very little gets done in the kingdom until someone commits themselves to the land in which the Lord places them.

The young 20-something Moravian missionaries would pack their belongings in a coffin before boarding a ship that would take them to the new land of their calling. They didn’t plan on coming back. Their intent was to pack their things in a coffin as a symbolic one-way ticket to a place they would commit themselves to forever. This is not to suggest that every missionary will be called to live and die in the land of their mission. However, there is a “transient nature” in the world today that would rather travel and uproot again and again than submit to the discipline it takes to stay in one place for a lifetime, or at least for many years. But things are changing. God is presently raising up a people who will see the past and future plans of God for a region and commit to it for the long haul.

As we travel around the State of Oregon, planting beautiful stakes full of scriptures that declare the rightful promises of God over His land, let us remember that He has said He will put it in the heart of men and women to join themselves to the desire and destiny of the region in which they have been planted. They will carry God’s heart to see His original will accomplished and His plans from the very beginning fulfilled. As a popular song today says:

“Greater things are yet to come, Greater things are still to be done in this city”

Let us become in the hands of the Lord, just like the stakes that we are planting in the ground. Let us allow  Him to drive us like a “stake” in the land of our destiny and “Marry the Land” for the good of His kingdom, and embrace a commitment to His destiny for the land we find ourselves in.

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