Pray Oregon has organized the state into 9 regions with areas in each one to establish personal relationships with praying groups throughout the state. Interestingly, the Lord has knit together intercessors on each of our borders – Clark County, WA, has prayed with Portland metro, the I-5 Diamond (which includes 2 northern CA counties and 6 SW OR counties) has been praying together for years, and the Treasure Valley intercessors extend from Boise into eastern Oregon.
Please contact us to get connected with your region.

Regional Map

Region Connectors

Native Tribes – Don & Mary Gentry
Region 1 – Linda Hanratty
Region 2 – Pam Neighbor
Region 3 – Laurie Irion
Region 4 – Steve Buss, Sydney Johnstone
Region 5 – TBD
Region 6 – Kathy White, Fred Blakley, Jim Donohue
Region 7 – Mark and Suzanne Zimel
Region 8 – Garth Johnson, Robert Johns
Region 9 – Sarabelle Young

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