PATH 2022 Highlights

Prayer At The Heart flyer 2022

October 21 and 22, 2022 was an incredibly fruitful prayer meeting, the first of its kind.  It all started in the tiny old ranch town of Powell Butte, population 1852.   As Intercessors poured in from around the state, many gathered in Air BnBs to share food and lodging, with deep friendships forged.  It was like coming home!  Expectancy was thick; the weight of the Holy Spirit heralding something about to happen.

We gathered at Powell Butte Christian Church at 9:00 am to begin 24 hours of live worship.  It was a beautiful, holy, unified sound, welcoming intercessors and Pastors.  At 1:00 there was a time of celebration, while our Native American brothers and sisters worshipped on the drums.  We then took a bus to the geographic center of Oregon, bringing water, dirt and sand, representing  “living water”  from every waterway in Oregon, (as well as beach sand from parts of California and Washington) to wash Oregon with the water of the Word. We mixed the water in faith, bringing unity to Oregon and releasing Ps.139 (So great are God’s thoughts toward you, O Oregon, greater than the sands of the sea.”  We gathered dirt from every county and co-mingled it to soften the soil of our people’s hearts. Worship continued on the bus.  As we gathered in a pasture, a processional led by First Nations of Oregon, singing Yahweh, Yahweh to the drums, took us to the monument marking the geographic center of Oregon.  There we prayed for further awakening and healing of First Nations, and the 7 Mountains,  planting 8 stakes, led by First Nations.  A boulder from the “Snake River” was  crushed to remove the choke hold of the enemy in Oregon, freeing those most resistant to the gospel.  AMAZING!!!  It is finished!!!   That evening, 9 of our Regional teams gathered in the chapel to share their Mission Trips, PATH Ways to the Heart.  Our hearts were full!

The 24 hour worship continued through the night until 9:00 am.  The 6 hour prayer meeting began on Saturday, with 10 minute catalytic prayer instruction to Educate, Energize and Activate on the 7 Mountains,  from various national and state leaders. These included Lance Wallnau on the 7 Mountains,  Kelry Kirschenmann of the Hollywood Prayer Network,  Soorin Backer, on Bridging Cultures, Hannah Kolehmainen on Gender and Identity, Bishop Liam Cary of Oregon ArchDiocese speaking on Family and many more…. As they gave prayer points, we gathered in fast moving Prayer Huddles, followed by worship by Heritage for “Harp and Bowl”.  At the end of the day, a 2 hour training was offered, teaching how to build  Regional and County Prayer Teams, with our own Linda Hanratty as instructor!  We will be preparing the Counties for Prayer at the Heart of every County in 2023.  This was a BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL prayer meeting that we believe rocked our state with the ROCK!

Speakers timeline:
Don Gentry: 15:55
Lance Wallnau: 1:01:34
Bishop Liam Cary: 1:18:01
Hannah Kolehmainen 1:45:54
Karen Covell: 2:13:40
Kyle Justice: 2:18:15
Kelry Kirschenmann: 2:28:48
Pastor Trey Hinkle: 4:09:57
Soorin Backer: 4:56:45
Ray Rau: 5:24:10
Mike Sipe: 5:42:58
Dave Brown: 6:01:26


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