Oregon Igniting His Love

Dear Oregon family,

We are so excited that God is powerfully answering prayer!  Part of our excitement is the unity we are experiencing with many different praying groups across Oregon.  It is with great expectation in our hearts that we can announce the very first gathering of the National Day of Prayer and Pray Oregon communities.  We believe that this gathering will knit our hearts together and give us deeper strategies for effective prayer as we move forward.  We are delighted to invite you to this first major statewide combined gathering to further ignite Oregon’s prayer community in love. We want you to join us!

We wish to extend a warm invitation for Pray Oregon Connectors, NDP Coordinators, those interested in participating in NDP in 2020 and other ministers and prayer leaders in Oregon.  We invite you to bring your spouse and family as well.   We welcome those that would like to know more about Pray Oregon or National Day of Prayer.   We will pray, worship, fellowship, get equipped, and better learn to listen and discern the Lord’s strategies for our state.  This will be a great time to connect with other prayer leaders in your county and rekindle our passion for Jesus.  You are important, and we want you to be included!

We have planned a special 4-hour train ride and prayer workshop on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad on Monday.  Tuesday, the schedule includes an international disciple maker who will share amazing and inspiring information. Registration is limited to 300 at the camp, and 200 on the train, please register yourself & family immediately.

Here is the link to the event registration page with the schedule, prices and options.  Please make plans to join us in this great gathering of the body of Christ in Oregon.  There is strong consensus among the leaders planning this event that it will raise the unity in prayer to a whole new level in Oregon and increase His love in us, too! Please share this invitation with your family and others in your county to attend this “Oregon Igniting His Love” family gathering.


Blessings in Christ,

Pray Oregon Core Team
Call Peter for more information: 541-936-2703


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