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Region 2 – North West

North West Region

The NW Region is made up of the Portland metro counties: Columbia, Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas. The Connectors are James Autry, Martha Duncan-Perez, Vicki Hilbert, Michael Holcomb, Gerry & Helen Morelli, Kathy Robison, and Mildred Yamasaki.

Open post

We Are Now Pray Oregon!

In May 2015 we changed the name of 24/7 Oregon to Pray Oregon. We still have the same vision that has developed and is being implemented in the 3 years since we began working together across the state. We still have 9 regions of the state that work together to cover our state in prayer. We are in a season of expansion and invite you to connect and pray together in Oregon!

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