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Article reprinted from the I-5 Diamond Prayer Network newsletter: Praying for Reformation & Harvest for Southern OR & Northern CA – November 2017.


1.  Please pray clarity for the body of Christ to hear the Lord clearly and grace to respond quickly as we enter deeper into the reformation of the Church.
2.  Please pray for fear to be broken off our county and for hope to be released.
3.  Please continue praying for the unity of the body in the bond of peace.
4.  Please pray for economic recovery, and entrepreneurial  spirit and provision for new businesses both with ideas and money.
Renee Felsheim
Coos County Representative


A shift from reporting the good economic conditions in Jackson County to looking at a church.  Living Waters is a Foursquare Church in Medford that recently moved to a more downtown location.  Their goal is to be more connected to the city.  Their motto  is, Making Jesus Famous”  It seems a bit outlandish, yet it is based on the Proverbs 31 woman.  Rather than viewing the proverb as a punch list for women, it is instead taken from the view she represents the Bride of Christ.  Therefore, men are also included in this passage.  Verse 23.  Her husband is well known, for he sits in the council chamber  with the other civic leaders.  Her husband is Jesus exalted in their cities because of the good deeds they do within their communities.

Joe Bruesch
Jackson County Representative


Our House of Prayer is entering 2 semi-Sabbatical months before the end of the calendar year.  During this time there are 3 things on my heart:

1.  Following the Founders Gate staking event, the Lord is impressing upon me the need to pray over more gates in order to prepare the way for Him.  I am asking my team to be waiting on the Lord to identify the next physical/spiritual gates to pray over and through.  This includes prayer for the new structures to be set in place as old structures are removed.
2.  Prayer for the completion of the 50 Days of Prayer book for Klamath County.
3.  Prayer for Chiloquin.  There have been a series of murders and shootings  over the last 6 months that are very disturbing.  We absolutely need the Lord to break through at this time to bring salvation, peace and unity to this hurting community in the north of Klamath County where many Klamath Tribal members reside.

On the southern side of the County however, we see revival, salvation and unity occurring in the outlying community of Malin.  One northern California Baptist church has now combined with Malin Assembly of God and there may be another small church that is soon to join forces.  Praise the Lord!

So we have trouble and triumph at the same time!  I don’t know if you really understand how much your prayers mean to me and Klamath County.  We are truly grateful and appreciate all of your prayers for us!

Sunny Lemming
Klamath County Representative


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