Oregon Joining The Procession – Washington DC October 6-9, 2017

October is approaching quickly as many Oregonians are preparing for a trip to David’s Tent DC on the national mall in October.  We believe that the significance of the events which took place during the July 14-22 gathering has forever changed the course of direction of our state. As saints gathered at the state capitol to initiate a profound shift in the spiritual climate we are believing, by faith, that it was the catalyst to move Oregon into the next level of historic Kingdom reality.  Praying people are deeply grateful, because we know that God is hearing our prayers, however as Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”, and what we see with our eyes here in Oregon appears to be growing darker each year.  Or is it?

Praying Oregonians are witnessing God faithfulness graciously flowing from one generation to the next, right before our eyes!  July came to a close as dust settled in the aftermath of a humbling time of prayer and worship beginning July 14th through the 9-day, 24/7 day & night event at David’s Tent, culminating this 9-day intimate expression of love and adoration for our King Jesus in the gathering of God’s people at “Awaken The Dawn” on the Salem Capitol steps on July 22.  As the vision for Oregon came into focus, leaders and event goers began to sense the direction God was leading us.  We hope to add many more testimonies of specific directions which came to light during this amazing 9-day period. But we still need YOUR input, to connect those dots.  We value your testimony!  Please take time to leave us your thoughts and testimonies at [email protected]

Finally, we thought it noteworthy to share with you the following article, which made headline news at Breaking Christian News in June, which officially introduced Oregon as a contender for prayer in our state and nation! Amidst negative press about Oregon’s extreme liberalism, Oregon remains steadfastly strong in prayer and Biblical truth and the people who reside here are faithful representatives for prayer and the gospel of Jesus Christ in the western region of the United states.

In this upcoming historic gathering in October on the National Mall – 50 States, 50 Tents, 1 Voice – America’s Tent of Meeting in Washington DC., www.awakenthedawn.org , Oregon will continue the momentum of prayer across our country. Many Oregonians will be traveling for the 4-Day prayer & worship gathering which will continue the epic shift across the country as event-goers in the Pacific Northwest make the trek to pray 24/7 in their respective “Tents of Meeting” on the National Mall.

Please be praying for Salem House of Prayer’s Scott Flora and his family as they travel to DC to oversee the Oregon Tent.  Meet Scott and Michelle Flora here: 7 minute VIDEO

Yes, Virginia, There are Christians in Oregon and They’re Planning a HUGE Nine-Day “Awaken the Dawn” Prayer Event Outside Their State Capitol

John Fortmeyer : Jul 5, 2017 : Christian News Northwest

“Never in the history of our nation have we seen this type of unified engagement of Believers. We have at our fingertips the opportunity to change history.” -Scott Flora


Updates and videos on the regional event can be found on a Facebook page for “Awaken the Dawn-Oregon.” Carlson said in-formation on the Awaken the Dawn movement also is available by texting “ADT 2017” to 51555.

For more on the Oregon efforts, contact Peter Carlson, at 541-936-2703 or  [email protected], Scott Flora at 281-844-3049 or [email protected], or Jim Moore, Salem House of Prayer director, at 503-779-9059 or [email protected]

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