Awaken The Dawn Regionals – Pacific Northwest

July 22nd from 10am-8pm in partnership with Convergent Promotions

We are blowing the trumpet and releasing a clarion call to 5 states of the Pacific Northwest Region to gather on the front steps of the Oregon State Capitol to proclaim the worth and beauty of Jesus and put the Gospel on display for all to see. We are setting apart the day as a offering to our King and we will exalt the One who deserves all praise!

We are gathering in Salem for three primary purposes:

1. Because He is worthy. We want to glorify the living God and put Him on display; to strengthen the saints, to send the gospel to the nations, and to see the salvation of the lost! Win for the Lamb the reward of His sufferings!

2. To put all His wondrous acts on display!

3. To rally support and stir-up passion and vision for the Awaken the Dawn National Gathering on our Nation’s Capital Mall, Oct. 6-9th, 2017.

We will observe protocol with First Nations, honoring their God-given authority in our great region, as they welcome us to the gathering during our opening ceremony.  We have invited 5 states, 5 worship teams, and over 30 seasoned Leaders, (moms and dads in the faith), to lead the way for 10 hours of delighting in the goodness of His majesty and proclaiming His all-surpassing greatness. We are positioning ourselves to praise and worship Him.  And as we do, we will go out with His acts of mercies and love in our hearts and demonstrated by our lives.

God will once again establish this region as the divine resting place for His glory, known and honored for love: The love of God, a place of peace, set apart for the Prince of Peace!


Saturday, July 22nd, 2017
10am: First Nations Protocol and Honoring the Diversity Within the Church
10am-8pm: Worship, Praise, and Prayer
7:30pm: First Nations Protocol and Honoring the Diversity Within the Church

This Regional Worship Rally is an opportunity to join with others in the Pacific Northwest to enjoy the Lord in the midst of Him enjoying us, and to learn how you can be a part of this exciting moment in history! You don’t want to miss this!

Have questions about Awaken the Dawn Regionals – Pacific Northwest? Contact Salem House of Prayer

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