God is Raising Up Community Intercession in Glide, Oregon


After a year of prayerful petitioning (with a little embarrassing impatience thrown in), the Lord has finally done it! He has opened the door for us to gather for women’s prayer at North Umpqua Bible Fellowship on Tuesday mornings at 10:00am. Please pray for this sweet community, nestled in the foothills of the Cascades on Highway 138. We are profoundly blessed to be living in such magnificent splendor with the powerful convergence of two rivers, the Little River and Umpqua River. They meet right here at what’s called Colliding Rivers.

I like to think of Glide as the “Gateway” to our precious Eastern Oregon prayer partners. I see Glide connecting the East side of the state with the West side, so to speak.  If you are driving through, be sure to stop and visit the Visitor Center at Colliding Rivers as it is profoundly beautiful. So very grateful to be living in Glide, where I can enjoy God’s handiwork every day. Thank You, Jesus.

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