50 Days of Prayer – Downloadable Instructional Guide

The Tillamook County Prayer Team just launched their 50 Days of Prayer beginning on Easter, through Pentecost.  They are inviting others in Oregon to adapt it for their community!  This is a two-piece written guide (50 Days of Prayer with prayer guide), and it is user friendly for any area in Oregon.  This prayer guide can be used for free (download here), but they have ask that if you are interested in using it, please let them know.  “We just want to know where it is going! Our goal is to increase prayer!”, says Linda Hanratty, leader of the Tillamook County Wide Prayer Team. She reports, “In our little County, we have 30 churches participating – about 1000 intercessors. It has 10 days for the Church, 10 days for My County, 10 days for My State, 10 Days for my Nation, 10 Days for My World.  It is  a great tool for building unity as well as teaching people to pray outside their normal box.  This is our 10th year and our people look forward to doing this together every year.   Many of our wonderful Pray Oregon leaders are authors of the prayers!”

Linda noted, “It can be used anytime … not just starting with Easter and ending on Global Day of Prayer.   So, blessings to all of you! We pray that as YOU pray, your time will be filled with the glory of God, divine appointments, and a settling in of the Holy Spirit everywhere you tread your feet!  May you be covered with His pinions and travel in perfect safety, and may your loved ones be covered with protection and delight as well.  Love to all of you! Pressing toward the Harvest!”


We have removed “Tillamook” identifiers and statistics, with the exception of our strongholds… so that it is user friendly for any area, and I am happy to send you a Word document that can be printed into a booklet (by a printer)  If you use GISI Marketing it is already type set.  I recommend it be printed in size 11 Font.  It goes with a reading guide, that you can write your own County name in.  Or, if you want to use our web-site, www.tcwpt.org , you can download it along with posters etc.   Our web-master has a way that it can be modified specifically for your area, if you are interested.  The Reading Guide is written in Publisher, and uses legal size paper (4 fold).  Email Linda Hanratty at: [email protected]

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