An Extraordinary Day of Prayer For Our Campuses: Collegiate Day of Prayer Report

The annual Collegiate Day of Prayer in the United States brought together dozens of intercessors across Oregon for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours again in the evening to uphold the 50 plus colleges and their dozen plus additional campuses, as well as the 9 branches of out of state colleges in the Portland area.

We began each half hour with praise and thanks before lifting up our colleges region by region throughout the state. In the last decade many of the community colleges have doubled, tripled, or multiplied even more in enrollment. At the same time some colleges have experienced 20% decline in enrollment, as well as significant budget cuts, in the last few years.


  • Shaking the mountain of education to bring about the Lord’s reordering into alignment for the Kingdom
  • For the students taking classes while incarcerated, that when released they will be productive
  • Wisdom for our legislators in knowing how to help make higher education affordable in Oregon
  • Truth to be taught, research to be done well
  • Blessed the presidents and faculty members
  • Lifted up the students to not only earn their degrees, but to know the Truth
  • Thanks for every campus ministry and bringing them together in unity
  • Security and safety on our campuses
  • Thanks for students who have come to know Christ through campus ministries
  • Blessing on Bible studies and prayer groups on the college campuses
  • Prayed for incoming Presidents
  • Revival to sweep the campuses
  • Lifted up the campus where the student body president committed suicide in December
  • Which Oregon community college is the oldest one? At least three different schools seem to claim this notoriety on their website!

Through the conference call we united our prayers from cities all around the state including Seaside, Tillamook, Portland, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Lebanon, Corvallis, Glide, Klamath Falls, Lakeview, Redmond, Baker City, and Ontario.


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