Power of Prayer through Technology: Prayer Calls and Times

by Pray Oregon Co-director Peter Carlson, Corvallis, OR

The rise in unity in the Body of Christ and increase in prayer in our day is being fueled by the use of technology. While it can sometimes be intimidating, we are seeing an increase of praying via conference calls, Facebook, email, websites, web simulcasts, and others that have taken prayer to a new level!  A strong case can be made that the cyber prayer meeting is rapidly becoming adopted as a common method for 21st century prayer people. One of the key benefits is that you can participate without even leaving your home. Pray Oregon is embracing this easy form of communication and we are maximizing prayer opportunities in Oregon.  If you have not experienced a prayer conference call, please consider the following:

Oregon Prayer Call:

7-8pm Tuesdays: 712-770-4005; 236108# 
Getting on the conference call is easy. Just call 712-770-4005 and, when prompted, input the access code 236108#.
The Oregon Prayer Call brought together multiple regional prayer calls beginning on 8/28/14 for an hour of intercession encompassing our whole state.  We lift up state and regional issues seeking to release God’s blessing.  Each week we pray for one of the “mountains” or spheres of influence and one of the “valleys” or areas of need in our culture.  For example we might cover the mountain of education and the valley of orphans.  The first half hour incorporates the previous Coast Aglow call facilitated by Coral Rose Shipley from Seaside.  The second half hour is facilitated by Betty Denny from Trail, who is also the coordinator of the I-5 Diamond Prayer in SW OR and NW CA.

If you have difficulty getting on the call with the above number, there is a backup number that you can call first: 518-333-1525, then input the above conference number with # and the access code. Most smart phones allow you to create a Contact with a Wait / semi-colon between the numbers like this: 518-333-1525;712-770-4005#;236108#, and will prompt you to put in the next set of numbers when the message from the conference service asks for it. Now that is easy!

National Prayer Calls:

  • Intercessors for America – First Friday of the month 9:15 – 9:30am PST
    712-432-0075; Code: 1412452# 
  • Transform USA – First Thursday of the month 8 – 10am PST
    Connecting for awakening and transformation of the country for the sake of His Kingdom
    (641) 715-3655; Code: 530603# 
  • National Day of Prayer – First Thursday of the month 5 – 7pm PST
    Join NDP event coordinators, the national leadership, and others to pray for our country
    Check out all the resources on National Day of Prayer
    712-432-0075; Code: 4961322# 
  • Prayer Surge Now! – Saturday mornings 4:30 – 8am PST
    First 90 minutes: Israel and the Middle East; last 2 hours different guests each week
    Details on Prayer Surge Now!

    712-432-0075; Code: 6149782#
  • 4th Watch – daily 5-6am PST (plus 5-6am other time time zones most days)
    Sign up at The Global Watch 
    563-999-2010; Code: 425496#  
  • National Strategic Prayer Call – day and night through 9pm PST Jan. 20, 2017
    70 days of prayer across the nation for the transition period leading up to the installation of our new administration on January 20, 2017.  Call anytime for as long as you want:
    712-770-4340; Code: 543555#
For any questions on the national calls, please contact Peter Carlson. 

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