2016 Pray Oregon Begins 4 Week Tour!

We are excited to announce the upcoming Pray Oregon Statewide Tour September 20th through October 14th, covering 37-counties (including Clark County WA) across our state.  Pray Oregon is comprised of people just like you who love Jesus and are praying for our state.  God is moving powerfully through simple prayer, as He gives increase weekly.  A team goes around the state every few months to connect and pray with the groups in 9 different regions. We are hopeful to establish connections in every county in Oregon. To see a detailed schedule of the tour and plan when you can participate.

The tours are a key means to carry out our mission to identify, promote and encourage the praying groups and bring information from one side of the state to the other. We have been doing this now for 3 years. It is a huge blessing to get to know the folks who are praying in Oregon and what they are sensing God is doing in their area. Part of the follow up has been a monthly conference call for each region. This keeps us connected, current and praying in agreement.

Pray Oregon is gaining momentum as we travel across the state connecting with praying groups of all kinds. The tour team includes Donald and Annabel Foery from Washington D.C., who have been great partners in developing Pray Oregon.  Others traveling are from Salem, Albany, and Roseburg Houses of Prayer. Also, we expect a couple of first time participants on this tour to join in parts of the journey for a day, a week, or more..

It’s about building relationships, connecting, and supporting each other in prayer as we cover the state. Building relationships takes time and personal visits. That’s why we travel. We want to build relationships among praying believers statewide. Some of the very remote praying groups, such as in Ontario, were blessed to tears to know that Pray Oregon is praying for them and with them!  The UCC shooting in Roseburg on October 1, 2015 is one good example of having connections which demonstrate the depth of these relationships, as many people rallied to support the Roseburg House of Prayer across the state when tragedy struck.  There were people around the state modeling support and prayer for Roseburg. That is our mission, to create a network of prayer that will function seamlessly, as the needs arise – praying for one another across the state of Oregon.

Please click here see the event page for more details on the tour schedule.

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